Amy Lusson - Holisitic Health Practitioner

Consultation Services and great source of information.
Greetings! I have the belief that all is possible with good health. This includes the body, mind and spirit. I will do my very best to help you achieve health by addressing each of these important aspects. You are a whole person and I am dedicated to treat every individual as such.

I received my degree in Holistic Health from the American College of Health Sciences of Portland, OR in 2008. I have been fortunate to be able to help individuals with many different services including:

  • Dietary changes for increased health. What are you eating? Your grandmother was right, you are what you eat!
  • Iridology allows me to measure your specific constitution through examing your irises.
  • Reflexology - anyone can rub their own feet! I will help you understand how you can do this to help heal yourself through knowing which pressure points on your feet correspond to your body's organs so you can do this at home!
  • Specific Herbal preparations for your specific health concerns. This may be flower essence, teas, or tinctures depending on your needs.
  • Dowsing for excellent health. Clearing negative energy from the body. Clearing negative energy from physical spaces (buildings, property) that may be influencing your health.
  • Muscle Testing each of the organs to find the real cause of Dis-Ease
  • Advising on any contraindication of plant preparations with pharmaceutical drugs
  • CEC, Cellular Emotional Cleansing Technique, helps to identify the underlying cause of disease and disharmony on an emotional level. Did you know that the liver is where the body stores anger? Sometimes, clearing these patterns of emotions will help to heal the organs on an energetic level, thus allowing the organ to really heal.
  • Intuitive and Distance Healing - I have been given the gift of being very real and I like to say what I see. Distance healing for others (with a photo) can be done also. With the help of dowsing, which is the energy from the universe, this does not come from me but rather from that of God, the Great Creator, Jah Way, the universe or whatever you call the power greater than us!

Appointments available from 9-2 Monday through Friday. Special arrangements may be possible also over the weekends if needed.

I would love to help you with your specific health needs in the greater Portland, OR area. Give me a call to set up your appointment. I will come to your house or you can come to mine for a private session.

There is a suggested donation of $50 per hour but I will not deny my services based on economic status as all people deserve help and healing. I am willing to trade or honor the barter system. 

Not in Portland, OR? Not a problem! I would be happy to do a body chart on you and talk to you over the phone to make recommendations for herbs, diet and lifestyle choices.

I would like to acklowledge a few individuals whom have helped me get to this place of being able to help others; Alan Adesse of Hands on Organics, William Dunkin, Ozark Research Institute, and my family for being supportive of my endeavors. Give thanks always and don't forget where you come from!